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Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth Howard Stoke Place Stoke Poges - Funeral Hatchment St Giles' church StokePoges

Elizabeth was the daughter of Peter Beckford of Jamaica, and widow of Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Effingham. The Beckford family were incredibly wealthy from slave and land ownership in Jamaica. She served as Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Charlotte. In 1771 she married Field Marshall Sir George Howard of Stoke Place, Stoke Poges, as his 2nd wife. (His first wife was Lucy Howard – see other funeral hatchment). She died on 13th October, 1791.

Elizabeth Howard Countess of Effingham
by Benjamin West c.1797

Courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
Image – Open access/Public domain

Motto: Virtus mille scuta – Virtue equals a thousand shields

Heraldry: Sinister background black . Two shields –  Dexter shield, within the Order of the Bath, Quarter as 1, over all a crescent argent on a molet sable for difference Sinister shield, within ornamental wreath, Quarter as dexter, impaling, Per pale gules and azure on a chevron argent between three martlets or an eagle displayed sable (Beckford). Crest: (above and between shields) On a chapeau gules and ermine a lion statant guardant tail extended or crowned azure and charged with a label of three points argent and a crescent argent on a molet sable for difference. Supporters: (one to each shield) Two lions rampant argent collared chequy or and azure, each charged with a crescent argent on a molet sable for difference. Star of Order below dexter shield, and flags and axes saltirewise behind both shields   To sinister of these two shields, a lozenge, ensigned with a countess’s coronet, bearing the arms as dexter of 1, impaling, Beckford, but with a molet sable on dexter coat.  Supporters: Two lions argent charged on the shoulder with a molet sable.  All on a mantle gules and ermine.  Cherub’s head above.

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