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Cecil Parry

Memorial StGiles church Stoke Poges Cyril Wynne Parry StokeHouse StokeGreen StokePoges 1867 1901

Cecil Parry at Charterhouse school in the Gownboys football team 1885
Photo Credit: © Charterhouse School Archive – No use without written permission

Cecil Wynne Parry (1867-1901) was born in Bristol where his father, Revd. E. St. John Parry ran a private boy’s school. His father moved the school to Stoke House, Stoke Green, Stoke Poges. In 1880 he attended Charterhouse school where he excelled in sport, including captaining the 1st cricket team. He went up to Trinity College, Cambridge and then became an Assistant Master at Wellington College running the lower sixth year. In 1895 he married Clara Vickers, a daughter of Colonel Thomas Vickers of Tinsbury Manor, Hants. The illness that had affected him at university returned and as a result he died in York of peritonitis after contracting influenza.

At the age of about 7 years, Cecil moved with his parents and other members of the family to Stoke House, Stoke Poges. He would have spent much of his childhood in Stoke Poges when not away at boarding school. Cecil’s older brother, Edward ‘Ted’ Hagarty Parry, took over from their father as Headmaster of Stoke House school. In 1913 ‘Ted’ moved the school to Seaford, East Sussex.

Stoke House, Stoke Green, Stoke Poges in the late C20
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