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Coat of Arms

Stained glass coat of arms in the Hastings Chapel

Sir Walter Mildmay was Chancellor of the Exchequer for Queen Elizabeth 1.

Sir Walter founded Emmanuel College in Cambridge.

The panel bears a remarkable resemblance to the College ones from his home: Pishiobury Park, Hertfordshire

Sir Fulke Greville was Secretary to the Principality of Wales under Queen Elizabeth I and then Chancellor of the Exchequer under King James 1.

He owned Warwick Castle.

Roger Manners, 5th Earl of Rutland

He was a representative for King James I abroad.

He owned several estates including Belvoir castle which is still lived in by his descendants.

Sir John Fortescue was Chancellor of the Exchequer for Queen Elizabeth 1. They were cousins.

King James I retained him as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

His Manor was near Mursley in the Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Ducie – Sheffield

Sir Robert Ducie was Lord Mayor of London in 1631 and banker for King Charles I.

He was immensely rich

His mother was Eleanor Sheffield before marrying James Ducie.

Ducie – Pipe

James, the father of Sir Richard Ducie, second marriage was to Alice Pipe whose brother was Sir Richard Pipe, Lord Mayor of London in 1578.

Ducie – Pyott

Sir Robert Ducie married Elizabeth Pyott, ca. 1608. She was the daughter of Richard Pyott, Alderman of London.

All the panels were not originally in the Hastings Chapel. They were believed to be according to 19th century books and local lore, originally in the adjacent Manor house. Later on after much of the Manor house was demolished, some or may be all of the panels were in the cloisters. Up until 1926 the cloisters were owned by whoever owned the Manor house. Note the Ducie, Pipe and Pyott coat of arms were in the cloisters above the panel containing the ‘bicycle window’.

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