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Richard W. Howard-Vyse

Major General Richard William Howard-Vyse Stoke Place Stoke Poges - Funeral hatchment St Giles church StokePoges

Richard William Howard-Vyse of Stoke Place, Stoke Green, Stoke Poges. Followed in family tradition by serving in the military, reaching the rank of Major General. He is better known for his discoveries in Egypt, especially chambers in the centre of the Great Pyramid, Giza. A cartouch of a pharoh’s name in the Great Pyramid is still recognised to this day as the key to dating the structure. He married Frances, the 2nd daughter of Henry Hesketh, of Newtown, Cheshire in 1810. They had ten children. He died aged 67 in 1853.

Motto: Virtus mille scuta – virtue equals a thousand shields

Heraldry: All black background   Arms:  Quarter, 1st and 4th, Argent a stag’s head cabossed between the attires a cross sable (Vyse), 2nd and 3rd, Howard with augmentation, charged on bend of 2nd quarter only with a crescent argent on a molet sable for difference, impaling. Dexter, From  a mural coronet or a lion’s head argent langued gules semy of roundels azure Sinister, On a chapeau gules and ermine a lion statant guardant tail extended or crowned argent charged with a label of three points argent, also a crescent argent on a molet sable for difference   Mantling: Gules and argent  

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