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Julia & Mildred & Richard Howard-Vyse

Memorial Julia Agnes HOWARD-VYSE died 1862 daughter Mildred Fanny died 1870 Richard HOWARD-VYSE 1872 StGiles Stoke Poges StokePoges church

Julia Agnes was the daughter of Sir William George Hylton Jolliffe, 1st Baron Hylton) and Eleanor Paget. They had seven sons and six daughters. She married Richard Howard-Vyse in 1856 when aged 22 years.

They lived at Stoke House, Stoke Green, Stoke Poges: the main home of the Howard-Vyse family. They had three childen: Howard, born 1858; Juliam, born 1862; Mildred, born:1870.

Stoke Place ,Stoke Green, Stoke Poges

Richard Howard-Vyse was the second eldest son of of Major General Richard and Frances. He followed in his ancestors by serving in the army, becoming Colonel in the Royal Horse Guards, the ‘Blues’. His older brother, Colonel George in the Life Guards was disinherited so Richard inherited the estates from his father Richard, three year prior to marrying Julia.

Mildred had many uncles and aunts as well as cousins of similar age living on the Howard-Vyse estates at Stoke Place, Stoke Poges and Boughton and Pitsford, Northamptonshire. Her life passing away at the age of nine years is believed to have been remembered in bright stained glass windows in St Giles’ church, Stoke Poges, by her father.

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