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Revd Richard Redding

Memorial Revd Richard REDDING died 1718 Vicar Master hospital St Giles church Stoke Poges StokePoges

Revd Redding was the Vicar of the Parish of Stoke Poges from 3 Decmber, 1687 to 8 April, 1718 when he died, aged 63. He was also Master of the Lord Hastings Stoke Hospital: the almshouses on the southside of St Giles’ church. At the time the population around Stoke Poges was small and the Lord of the Manor residing in the adjacent Manor house was Sir Robert Gayer. He died in 1702 and then his son, also Robert became Lord of the Manor. Sir Robert’s father, John had been a merchant and Lord Mayor of London.

The wording on the memorial explains that Revd Redding paid £40 for a vault in the church for himself, his wife and sister and that his body is in the vault. Also if at a later date the vault is broken up for other use, then the value of £40 should be returned to his heirs.

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